Les Secrets de la Septième

There are no forces of good or evil in the jungle.


There is only that which blooms and that which decays,

all returning to an earth that experiences the same breath.


Nothing is removed from this great living circle—

even the igneous traces an inception


some circles are much larger than others:

from up close, peering into a decade’s exhale,

the horizon may lose some curvature

a second’s worth flatness

heaved into an entire history


there are no consequences where lines are concerned.


Yet, just as gravity renders all things spherical,

essence renders all life cyclical


the rivers that were will be again

and the fallen tree will rise


there is only a balance between the miraculous and the mundane.

Circles (Jungle’s Law)

One thought on “Les Secrets de la Septième

  1. “a balance between the miraculous and the mundane” What an accurate description of not just the jungle you describe but of life as well! Which I’m sure you must have meant it to be.


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